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Frequently Asked Quesitons

The simple answer is - whatever it takes! This includes, but is not limited to (for extensive prep, extra charges may apply):

  • Drywall patching
  • Drydexing seams
  • Filling wall nail holes
  • Filling baseboard nail holes
  • Removing outlet covers
  • Covering floors to prevent spillage
  • Priming as necessary
  • Furniture manipulation
  • Removing of window treatments
  • Removal of wallpaper (in some instances, where wallpaper will not come off, we may skim coat with drywall mud and sand - this can only be assessed once the job has started)
  • Removal of paper borders

At Ashworth Painting, we know that your time is valuable. We want to do the work correctly - to start - from the Quote right down to the Final Finishes! Most jobs require a site visit to ensure a firm quotation. However, we can also use digital photos and/or floor plans to provide an estimation of what those quotes might look like. Once verified that you’d like to move forward, we can then move to the next step of a firm quotation via a site visit. We visit based on YOUR availability and preferred time of day. The site visit involves measurements, discussion about your needs and desires, assessment of the site conditions, timeframe for completion and final finish details. Most painting quotations will be in your hands within a day or two of this visit.

Kitchen cabinetry completion is usually a 10-14 business day turn around, however efficiencies (including but not limited to access to the site for base painting) may allow us to cut that in half. Interior painting is subject to factors such as the size of the space, the number of walls, whether or not trim, ceilings and doors are included, and how much pre-painting preparation is required. We aim to complete the average home within a week, and this as well, with efficiences, be improved depending on how many of our crew are able to be on site, and again, how much access we have to the space.

We have experience using ALL of the product lines you would normally find in both the big box stores and the boutiques: from DuLux - Farrow & Ball. If you leave the decision to Ashworth Painting/TAG Painting’s expertise, our choice tends to be Benjamin Moore products - for quality and price. We have always received optimum results with Benjamin Moore and our kitchen cabinetry paint portfolio has been virtually exclusive to their Advance Line Paint products. But, ultimately - it’s about YOU, what do YOU want to see as your final finishes?

We absolutely do! At the end of the day, YOU are the boss - and it’s about your tastes, reflections, and comfort level. Some people are looking to frame what is already in the room, others are about flashes of colour - bold and extreme. Ultimately, the colours are YOUR choice, but we can provide you with today’s trend recommendations, how well a colour may cover what is underneath, and the pro’s and con’s to some colours in certain spaces which CAN vary depending on light sources and the size of a space. When we come to provide our site visit we can also provide you digital services to help you plan and and sample what your space COULD look like.

To follow is the process to freshening up your cabinetry:

Step 1

• We remove all the doors and drawer fronts

• The base cabinets and counter front will be washed, sanded and primed

• Doors and drawers are brought back to our shop for washing, sanding and priming

We would also fill any holes and cracks and reconfigure holes for new hardware if necessary.

Step 2

• Visit your home to put first colour coat on base cabinets

• Doors and drawer fronts receive first coat of colour (side 1)

Step 3

• Visit your home again for second coat on base cabinets

• Doors and drawer fronts receive first coat of colour (side 2)

Step 4

• Doors and drawers receive final colour coat (side 1)

Step 5

• Doors and drawers receive final colour coat (side 2)

Step 6

• Doors and drawers are brought back to your home and re-installed

In what instances can we do that?

Ashworth Painting/TAG painting will provide you a paid receipt for your deposit and a paid receipt for your final billing! In most painting cases, we request a ⅓ deposit down upon the booking of your work, and the balance due upon completion of our work. For our Clients’ convenience, we accept E-Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, Cheque and of course, cash. We will also provide you your credit card receipt digitally for your files, should you wish to process payment that way!

Not only do we take care of our Clients, we take care of the people who work for and with us. We are fully insured, and we are members of the WSIB, and you are able to obtain and updated Eligibility Certificate whenever required!


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